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Quick & simple design for Halloween: Nail Foils

Quick & simple design for Halloween: Nail Foils


Quick & simple design for Halloween: Nail Foils

Halloween is just around the corner. Your theme for this year was something you already had in mind. Everything is planned out, including unique costumes, makeup, and hairstyles. You do, however, appear to be struggling with your nail art. Despite never having painted your nails before, you want to add some lovely ghosties, candy-corn stripes, or black cats to your manicure. Try out foil nails now! This Halloween, foil nails will slay your nails with only a few quick, easy steps and no painting skills required.

  1. What is nail foil?

Nail foils come in two primary types: those that come on a sheet and those that arrive in a pot. Pot foils can be inserted with tweezers in precise locations on your nails, sheet foils often cover the whole nail. We will show you how to apply sheet foils today.


  1. How to apply nail sheet foils

Step 1: Prepare nails

With nail polish remover, completely remove all of your previous polish before pushing back your cuticles. Apply a clear gel base coat, then cure it under the led or UV light for 60 seconds. Then apply 2 layers of gel color as a base color.



Step 2: Apply foil gel

Apply a thin layer of foil gel to seal your nails. To prevent the foil from peeling up at the edges, be sure to sweep it over the sides of your nails. then in 60 seconds, cure it.


 Step 3: Place & press the foil sheet to your nails

Cut a piece of foil to the size that can fit your whole nail. Place and press it onto the nail. Make sure to press it hard enough so that the foil will come off on the nail completely. You can use your finger or pusher to press the foil down.


Step 4: Lift the foil up

Lift the foil gently. Sometimes, the foil doesn’t come off completely in some parts. If this occurs, all you need to do is push the foil down once more while rubbing your finger or pusher over that area.


Step 5: Apply the top coat

Apply a layer of top coat to protect your nails. To prevent the gel colour and foil from pealing up at the edges, don't forget to sweep it over the edges of your nails.


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